Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two reviews in one!

 Good morning! How are you today? Are you having a good week?

Today, I'm reviewing two recipes - because what's a cupcake without the frosting?!?! :D

The cupcake recipe is from Recipe Girl. The frosting? from Wilton, of course. :)

I will tell you right now: this is an incredible YES, PLEASE! recipe. I've never, ever had a white cake that was this moist! And the fact that it starts with a white cake mix is even better. :)

I didn't tweak anything. And I wouldn't. Moist, not too sweet - even with the frosting. I'm not sure when "wedding cake" became a flavor, but if this is it, it's good. :D
The texture's really nice, too - not crumbly at all.

The frosting was easy to use, and very pretty. It set quickly; I should have sprinkled the cupcakes as I went. I tried to sprinkle them all after I had iced 18 of them, and it didn't work - they didn't stick to the first I'd iced. :/

As a side note: the recipe for the cupcakes says it makes 36 cupcakes. I used the large Pampered Chef cookie scoop, and got EXACTLY 36. I frosted 18 - took a dozen to a friend, we ate the others here - and froze 18 for nieces and nephews to decorate with Grandma this week. :)

OK, time to go spend time with others. :D Have a BLESSED day! And try something new!

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