Friday, August 3, 2012


It's Friday! Woooo, hoooooo! Have you had a good week? Tried anything new? :D Planning to this weekend?

Today's recipe is from - for a simple flan.

We went to dinner with dear friends from church last week, and she told me we were having a Mexican fiesta. :) So I decided to throw right in with dessert, and make a flan.

A flan is an egg-based custard. This one's kind of cheesecakey, too. And it got a definite YES, PLEASE! from everyone. :D

I actually made two flans from this single recipe; I didn't have a pan big enough for the entire recipe, so I made one to leave home, and one to take with us. It's *very* rich, so having it to be thinner so it looks like a large slice but is half of what it would be with the whole recipe! :)

It's good for dessert or for breakfast, too. :) If you have a need for a flan recipe, or just want to try making one, go for it! I think you'll enjoy this! Let me know if you try it!

Have a wonderful weekend! Be BLESSED!

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