Friday, August 17, 2012

Twice-baked Potatoes

Good Friday Morning!!! How are you today? Have you had a good week? Got big plans for the weekend? Whatcha gonna do? :D

Today's recipe comes from that wonderful blogger, The Pioneer Woman - and it's Twice-Baked Potatoes. :)

As she said in her post, this is more about the method than it is  about the recipe. :) I took her method, and played with it a bit. :)

Basically, my mom said, "There's a bunch of baked potatoes in the fridge. Please figure out something to do with them!" (She's got the shingles, and is really trying to recuperate from them and my sister's large family visiting for a week. :) )

The first one I did was mostly what you're familiar with, the above one. :D I used some butter, sour cream, parsley flakes, salt, pepper, motgomery jack cheese, and bacon bits on top. I have to tell you, cold (as in refrigerated!) potatoes are hard to scoop out without breaking through the skin. But I did pretty well. :)

The second one was sweet potatoes. I wanted it to be a bit sweeter. I mean, it IS a twice-baked sweet potato. :D I added butter, cinnamon, a bit of freshly-grated nutmeg, and some Splenda/brown sugar mixture.

Goodness, this is a YES, PLEASE. Next time, I want to use warmer potatoes, so when I mash the inside with the ingredients, it will be smoother. Even the sweet potatoes were super-yummy!

I'm off! I'm performing a couple of historical monologs at the Wilson County Fair this Friday and Saturday; come see us! :D And then try something NEW! :D Be BLESSED!


  1. Yuuum these look amazing! We usually fry our old baked potatoes...but this recipe sounds divine too. I wonder if just a quick zap in the micro would help soften em a bit?

  2. I tried them and give you a YES PLEASE to both!