Monday, August 13, 2012

Cream Puff Cake

Good Monday Morning! How are you today? Did you have a good weekend? We just got home yesterday; it feels good to be in our own room again, even though the time with my sister, BIL, and all their children was good. (I hope I'll get a chance to share decorating those cupcakes with you, eventually! :D )

Today's recipe comes to you courtesy of Lil' Luna, for Cream Puff Cake.  No way of putting off my rating on this. Oh. My. Goodness. YES, PLEASE!!!!!!!

If you've never done any kind of choux pastry, please know it's very easy - and this couldn't get much easier! The only suggestion I'd make is that you keep a mixer going in it while you add the eggs. (I put the cooked batter into my Kitchen Aid with the whisk attachment.)
For the filling, I used sugar-free white chocolate pudding, with Hood® Calorie Countdown milk - I really love this stuff, because it's only got 3 grams of carbs per 8 ounces! The filling was a LITTLE loose, even though I used less milk. I'm not sure if it's because of the SF pudding or what, but it didn't keep its form as beautifully as the recipe's photos.

This was GONE in less than 24 hours. My husband LOVED it; he doesn't like a lot of sweet stuff - I think I've mentioned that - but he sure helped eat it! :)

OK, I'm off. Have a WONDERFUL day! Be sure to let me know if you try this - or anything else I've reviewed! :) Or if you find something you'd like me to try. But be warned: I may tweak it. :D

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