Monday, August 6, 2012

Pineapple Fried Rice

Good Monday Morning! :) Did you have a good weekend? I'd LOVE to hear if you tried something new this weekend! What was it? Did you like it? Is it online? Can you link me? :D

Today's recipe is half of this one from The Pioneer Woman - the pineapple fried rice. We didn't get a chance to do the pork chops - I served this with chicken.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Was this ever good! Let's see. Did I tweak much? :D We used mixed vegetables instead of just peas; we used Minute Rice microwaveable brown and wild rices. I used a grill pan on the pineapple instead of doing it outside. I didn't use a lot of onion, because my dad doesn't like chunks of onion. :D

This is definitely a YES, PLEASE. Y'all know I try to be careful with rice; I had to REALLY watch myself with this. Pineapple sends my sugars skyrocketing, too. And this was REALLY, REALLY good. I felt a little better with the rice mixture I used, but I still didn't eat as much as I wanted. Which would have been most of it. :D We'll definitely try this again - and maybe the chops, too. :D

Let me know if you try it! I'm telling you, you'll love it. :D You could spice it a bit, too, if you wanted. But don't ignore this recipe. :D

OK, I'm outta here. Have a wonderful day! Be BLESSED!!!!

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