Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Peachy Keen Bars

 Good Wednesday morning! How are you doing today? Are you having a good week? Tried anything new?

Today's recipe came from Just a Pinch - I've mentioned them before; Kenn and I went to a luncheon where we got to try out some award-winning recipes. :) This one is called "Peachy Keen Bars".
I made these JUST to show you! :D Well, the core family is enjoying them.... :D

This is an extremely easy recipe; it does have four separate layers, but it's still very easy. And if you keep canned peaches in your closet, you've probably got everything in your pantry you need!

I'm on the cusp about what to recommend about this recipe. I didn't tweak anything, just FYI. It's good, but it just doesn't knock me out. So I'm giving it a YES, THANK YOU - a mixture of both! :D I might use the recipe again if I need something quickly, or to take to someone - it's that easy! :) It's not super-sweet, but it is rich; if you like coffee, this definitely would benefit from a cup. :)

OK, I'm outta here! It's a busy day! Have a wonderful day - and be sure and let me know if you try something new, something I've recommended, or find something you want me to try! :D BE BLESSED!

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