Friday, March 1, 2013

Pineapple Coconut Bites

It's FRIDAY! :) How was your week? And welcome to MARCH!!! It's so difficult to believe this month is already here - and how much I have to get done before next weekend! AUGH! :D Seriously. SO much to do.

ANYWAY. :D This is a recipe for Pineapple Coconut Bites from

It's an interesting recipe! The only refined sugar in the whole thing is a few tablespoons of confectioner's sugar in the crust. The rest is honey. I used regular whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat pastry flour - it's what I had on hand. :D I also halved the recipe, and had enough of everything to make a dozen of these little cookies.

I'm not quite sure what I think of them. I like the IDEA of them, but none of the flavors was strong enough. I think I'd like to find some pineapple extract to put in the center of these. And maybe, instead of saving the crumbs for topping, toast some coconut to use. I did like the METHOD for these - and as you can see, I didn't use mini muffin liners. I sprayed the tin with Baker's Secret - my favorite for baked items!! I think it works better - and used my Pampered Chef tamper to easily form the crumb bottom.

I think I'll put this into "Good Recipes to Have", and maybe play with it sometime when I have time. All the ingredients are things I usually have on-hand, except for the pastry flour.

Does that help you at all? LOL!

OK, I'm outta here - I am now pre-posting for this blog. I'm going to try to get you all the way through the first of April before I leave, so you'll have something all month and won't forget me. :D Keep leaving comments! I'll be on my computer, but not having time to post. :)

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Try something new! :) BE BLESSED!

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