Friday, March 22, 2013

Nailene French Tip 2 Go

Happy Friday! How's your week been? Do you have fun plans for this weekend? Or are you super-busy? Or doing absolutely NOTHING? :D

I wanted to share something a bit different with you. :) I go in spurts where I want to feel all ladylike and do things like my nails and feet. Then there are periods of time when I don't want to fuss so I don't. :D (We'll see how it goes on the beach this time!!!)

Well, I decided I wanted to try something new when this recent "spurt" started - so I went to Walmart and found this kit. Now, right beside it are stickers that you can use to get nice lines - and the stickers fit into the insert on this kit package - so I picked up a package of them. too.

I've never EVER had tips since I was a grown-up. But I always have admired them. So this was my FIRST TIME using this kit.

I love my tips! (I've since done them again, for a filming I was a part of for a Bible Study. More on that another time. :D) That first time, I didn't press the stickers down well enough in the corners of my nails, so the tip paint seeped underneath a bit. And because of my fat fingers, I ALWAYS get paint on the sides of my fingers. Trust me, the second time came out MUCH cleaner and straight. I'm typing with them now, and pausing to admire them every sentence or two. :D I would highly recommend this kit to anyone who'd like to do their own French tips! The kit was about $6, I think, and the stickers another $2. There are enough stickers to do my nails probably 8-10 times. And I'm going to do my toenails soon, too! :)

OK, I'm outta here! Have a wonderful weekend! BE BLESSED!

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