Friday, March 29, 2013

Boston Cream Poke Cake

Here we are again! :)It's another FRIDAY, the last in March. Wow, is this year FLYING by?!?!

Today's share is another recipe, this one for Boston Cream Poke Cake from Lil' Luna.

I think I liked the IDEA of this more than I like the final thing. It was good, don't get me wrong - I love pudding poke cakes! - but the chocolate pudding wasn't as chocolatey or gooey as the real thing. I'm thinking that, perhaps, only using half the milk in that top layer, or making a thin layer of ganache for it. :D I'm going to keep it in the "good recipes to have", just in case I need it. :D And just in case I get around to playing with it, too. But there are so many other things out there to try!!!

OK, I'm outta here. Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Try something new! :)

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