Monday, March 25, 2013

English Muffin Bread

It's MONDAY! Time for another week. :) Did you have a good weekend?

Today's recipe is for English Muffin Bread from Foodie With Family. :)

Yes, this is a YES, PLEASE! It's SOOOOOOOOOO easy, y'all! No kneading at ALL. I did the half-recipe, and it made two large loaves and one smaller. I gave two of the loaves away; I should have frozen half the one I kept, because where we keep our bread is rather moist and warm. I couldn't eat it fast enough, because of course I have to be careful with bread. It got moldy. :/

BUT it was wonderful! It toasted up so nicely. I didn't particularly care for the messy cornmeal I had to deal with when it came out of the loaf pans, but that's cleaned up quickly. :D And of course it needed homemade strawberry jam on it. :D

Seriously. Make some of this this coming weekend; stash some in your freezer, and use the rest to make it SO easy to get something comforting and yummy for breakfast QUICKLY.


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