Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shrimp (or Crab) Louis

Hope you're having a great week! This is one of those recipe I'm not quite sure how to review, but here we go. :D

It's for Shrimp or Crab Louis from

So. I will tell you right now that we didn't make the dressing. We didn't have everything, and my dad's not too adventurous when it comes to dressings. :D So we used thousand island on the side. We did do the rest of the recipe, however, using - as you can tell - shrimp.

This got a NO, THANKS from me. I just don't care too much for shrimp and tomato together. And I think I added more shrimp - we love shrimp around here. :D But since I used the recipe more for the method than the dressing, I won't do it this way again.

But it was beautiful. :D

OK, I'm outta here! Have a wonderful day! Be BLESSED!

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