Friday, September 27, 2013

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Welcome to Friday! Do you have big plans? I do - I'll be cooking for tomorrow morning's Stampin' Up! party - two brunch dishes. :) I can't wait to try them!

But that's tomorrow. :D Today, I'm sharing this Cinnamon Cream Cheese Coffee Cake from Meili's Baked Goodness.

This is a good coffee cake. It's packed - it's a very heavy cake. :) I overbaked it a little, I think - the edges were SUPER dry. Of course, that's partly the whole wheat flour. But I followed the directions exactly.

I think I'm going to give this one a NO, THANKS. It's good, but there are a LOT of good coffee cake recipes out there still waiting to be tried. :) Let me know if you decide to try this, and what you decide about it. :)

Have a wonderful weekend! Be sure and try something new - and let me know what you think! Be blessed~!

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