Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Texas Roadhouse Rolls

My goodness, the day's passing me by! Sorry I'm a bit later than usual. :)

Today's review is of these rolls at Eat Cake For Dinner. :D Now, the first thing I need to tell you is Mom made them. That's right. That means she followed the recipe to the letter. My dad formed the rolls, because Mom says she doesn't do it right. :D We also baked them together, because I don't like crusty bread. I know. I'm strange. But there you go. :D

These were for my birthday celebration on Friday night. They rate a YES, PLEASE!

If you're not going to use them all - it makes a HUGE batch! - then I'd either form and freeze the dough, or give rolls away. But do it quickly; these rolls didn't like being saved for very long. They were beautiful; my parents did a wonderful job on them! :)

Be sure and let me know if you try them - or anything else I've reviewed! :) Have a WONDERFUL day! Eat something GOOD! :) Be blessed....

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