Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mushroom Skewers

Good morning! How's your week going? Are you managing to keep cool? Today's not supposed to be TOO bad here in middle Tennessee; we'll see, though. :)

Today's recipe comes from Dinners & Dreams, and is for Mushroom Skewers.

I requested we make these for my birthday dinner, and my mom readily agreed; we really do like mushrooms around here. And what could be better than starting with baby bellas?

We doubled the recipe, because the original said she'd used them in sandwiches in following days. And that sounded good to us! So on we went.

The ONLY tweak I did on this recipe was to use red curry paste instead of the harissa; we didn't have any on-hand, we needed such a small amount, and it's really nothing any of us would use for anything else. The red curry paste is very mild, so it didn't make a huge impact on the recipe.

The baby bellas were very fresh; the skewers split some of the stems, as you can see from my picture. But they marinated beautifully, and grilled up very nicely.

Unfortunately, no one was knocked out by them. I really didn't care much for them; everyone else said they were "ok". Frankly, I'd much rather have them done in a pan with garlic and butter. The balsamic stained my fingernails for two days, too! :D

So, these are getting a NO, THANKS from me. If you like strong vinegar taste with mushrooms, go for it! I love balsamic vinegar, but not in this usage.

Have a wonderful day! Let me know if you try anything! :) Be blessed!

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