Monday, June 25, 2012

Spring Rolls

Good Monday morning! I'm on my way to a doctor's appointment today - nothing I'm looking forward to, I assure you - but let me share, so someone is able to enjoy this morning! :D

Today's recipe is from; I use their recipes quite often, so when I wanted to try making my husband some spring rolls, why not choose their recipe when it came up in my search? :)

I found the rice paper wrappers *somewhere*; I can't remember where, but knew I needed to get them. Kenn LOVES spring rolls, and always orders them at Thai restaurants. Since rice is very high in carbs, I know rice wrappers are, so I don't eat them. <sigh>

These were really easy to make. Of course, I had to modify the filling a bit. :D I did have to purchase a HUGE bag of rice vermicelli, to get the noodles for filling, but I'm hoping they'll get used. :D I have more rice wrappers, after all.... I also didn't use all the ingredients suggested in the recipe for filling; Kenn's tastes are a little more adventuresome. :D So, I used shrimp, fake crab, English cucumber, carrots, regular basil, and cilantro - along with the aforementioned rice vermicelli. I left the dipping sauce recipe alone. :D

This was the first one, so it's a little sloppy on the end; I learned I need to wrap a little tighter. I really like the way the shrimp showed through the wrapper!

Kenn really, really liked these - even the dipping sauce, which he's never a big fan of. :) Two of these made a great meal for him. So, these are a YES, PLEASE! I pinned this recipe originally, and pinned another with different ingredients earlier today. These won't be the last I make, for sure!

OK, I'm outta here. :) Pray that my doctor's appointment goes well! <sigh> Have a wonderful day! Let me know when YOU try something new, or if there's anything you want me to try!

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