Monday, June 4, 2012

Meatball Bubble Biscuits

Here's another YES, PLEASE! for you. With my tweaks, of course. :D

First, here's the original post from Kathie Cooks!

 Now, then. :D to do my variation, I decided I really didn't want to use BISCUIT. I mean, it cries out for real bread to me! So, I used a basic bread machine dough recipe, and substituted garlic salt for the regular salt. I just threw it into my machine to do the mixing, kneading, and rising for me while I did LOTS of other things.

From there, I did exactly what the original recipe called for; I pinched off little pieces of dough, and roughly shaped them into circles. Then tucked the half meatball and piece of cheese stick in.

The GOOD thing? These can be thrown into the fridge until you want to bake them off, my way. I took them out about 45 minutes before I wanted to bake them, so they could come up to room temp (or close, anyway). I got 25 out of my bread machine, so I needed 13 meatballs and four cheese sticks instead of the original recipe (I like more cheese!).

Just before throwing them into the oven for 20 minutes, I sprinkled the topping on.

They came out SO beautifully! And OH, are they good! And my way? You could make up a pan and throw them into the freezer, for an emergency meal - or to take to someone who needs a meal for any reason. Especially for a family with KIDS, this would be a HUGE blessing! You could take them freshly-baked, or include the topping mix and the how-to-finish. A salad, cookies, and you'd be DONE. :D

Anyway. My friend who is also an incredible cook was asking for the recipe, so I know my tweaks were good ones. :D It didn't take much longer, either, than the biscuit would have, because the machine did all the work! I HIGHLY recommend these!!!!!!!!!!!! Be sure and let me know if you try either one, the original or my tweak. :D Have FUN!

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  1. I am subscribing to your new blog :)
    I am going to try these for dinner tonight -- sounds easy!