Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pampered Chef Pasta Cutter

Good Wednesday morning! Are you having a good week?

Since I gave you my experience with the pasta on Monday, I wanted to share a tool that I love. :D

I really do love Pampered Chef tools. No, I don't use the stones - you won't see any of them here, because my mom can't stand the thought of cooking on something that's not completely washed and sterilized. :D

This is my PC pasta cutter; it comes with three different edging blades, and all of them are cutters, as well. I really enjoyed using this tool; I'm a lefty, and had no problems using it. It's quick and easy - and stores in the case, so there's no blade exposed. It's a YES, PLEASE!!! Especially if you make pasta. LOL!

Have a WONDERFUL day! Want to send me something to review? Leave your email in a comment, and I'll get right to you! :) BE BLESSED!

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