Friday, July 6, 2012

Lazy Sushi Bowls

Good Friday Morning!!!! Have you had a good week? It's been more like two really short weeks, right, since you had Wednesday as a break? :D

Today, I want to share a Foodie With Family recipe; some of her recipes are incredible, and she's really fun to read. I hope you'll follow her blog. :)

Let me tell you, off the bat, this is totally and completely a YES, PLEASE! for both of us, but especially for Kenn. We've already decided that the fixings for this will be in our fridge at the beach on a consistent basis. :)

There's a LOT of prep work involved at the beginning - chopping, slicing, shopping. However, once you have the basics, this comes together really easily! Since everyone assembles their own, with their own favorite ingredients, it's simple to put out. The ingredients are as fresh as you prep them to be, so YUM. :D

I have to be careful with rice, as y'all know, but we used brown rice for this first one. It's still rice, but it's a more complex carbohydrate. This dish really appealed to both of us because we could use what we each wanted. Our tastes differ quite a bit, so the ability to have the same type of food without having to compromise on what it contained was quite fun! :)

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Why not try this one this weekend? Enjoy yourself! :D And let me know if you try something I've recommended (or not!) how you liked it - or find something you'd like me to try! :)

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