Friday, July 13, 2012

Almond Joy Bars

It's FRIDAY! Have you had a great week? Looking forward to the weekend? Trying anything new tonight? :D

Today's recipe is from Just a Pinch recipe club, and for Almond Joy Bars.

I have to say: these are COOKIE bars. They're rich, and the chocolate on top is incredibly thick. The coconut and cookie layer are yummy, but I found the name misleading. I pried the chocolate off my bar, because it was just too overpowering. I did put almonds on mine, but you couldn't taste them because of the chocolate layer.

My dad doesn't like chocolate, so he pried off the chocolate, too. :) Mom LOVED them! :D Kenn liked them, too. But I'm the one who bakes desserts around here.

So, because there's SO much other stuff to try out there, and because these bars were a bit labor-intensive, and because the chocolate was just too much, I'm going to give these a NO, THANK YOU. Tasty, yes. Going back to? No.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Try something new! :) And be BLESSED!

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