Friday, October 17, 2014

Double Butterscotch Cookies

HAPPY FRIDAY! :) Do you have big plans for the weekend? We're going up to Indiana for a few days, and we're both SO excited we can't stand it. :D We need a break. :)

So, anyway. I figured I might as well end the week with another cookie. :)

These are Double Butterscotch Cookies from Taste of Home.

Now, let me just tell you. Cookie recipes where I have to refrigerate the dough are SO not my favorites - and to have to roll them into logs?!? Yeah. I usually pass.

However, I was making these for a meeting, and others were bringing cookies, too, and I didn't want TOO much chocolate. Besides, Kenn loves butterscotch. :)

SO. I made this. And yes, I'm still awful at rolling ANYTHING round. I know how to do it in theory, but my execution is horrible. :::::sigh:::::: :D

HOWEVER. The recipe gets a YES, PLEASE! - I only baked 2 of the 3 rolls of dough for the meeting, and froze the third. It baked up just fine when I wanted to make Kenn a treat about 6 weeks later. They're crunchy and chewy, and just different enough to be special. :)

OK, my friend. I'm outta here! Have a wonderful weekend! BE BLESSED!

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