Friday, October 10, 2014

Amish Potato Rolls


Welcome back! I know you came back JUST to see what I served with that Cabbage Roll Soup. :) Here they are, without any further words - Amish Potato Rolls by Baked by Rachel.

Oh, my. Heaven will have rolls like these. :) They're light, fluffy, a tiny bit sweet, and just about too good for words. I guess that makes them a YES, PLEASE! recipe. :D I have a little over half of the batch in the freezer, just waiting for another soup day... :D

The second rising didn't take nearly as long as the time says. I set the timer, but as you can see, they were about to overflow my pan! :D I also mashed up a large potato, didn't use instant - although you could. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, friend! MANY blessings!

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