Friday, January 31, 2014

"How the Grinch Crinkled Christmas" Cookies

Happy Friday! I know I'm a little late. I've not done much today, even though I had the BEST intentions... :D I did watch the latest episode of SHERLOCK. Wow, *everything* about it was brilliant. I do wish they'd give us a few more episodes per season! :D

ANYWAY. This recipe's been hanging around since the beginning of December for me to share with you. These are what *I* refer to as simply Grinch Cookies, from Delicious Meliscious.

I, personally, was quite ambivalent about this recipe. A couple of people told me they really liked them, however, so I'm not sure if they'll hang about next year or not. :) I do like the color of them - they add quite a nice bit of contrast to a cookie platter.

Perhaps if I could figure out a better cake mix flavor. (I'm not really big on cake mixes lately; I'll use one in a pinch, but would prefer not to!) I love French vanilla flavoring in beverages, but it bores me in anything else. :D

I think, when it comes to this cookie, you'll have to try it yourself and see. :) You tell me: is it a YES, PLEASE! or a NO, THANK YOU! ??? :D

OK, I'm outta here to go do nothing once more. :D Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Be BLESSED - and welcome (tomorrow) to FEBRUARY!

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