Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spumoni Biscotti

Happy FREEZING Wednesday!!! Brrrr, is it cold!!! That air coming in the front door is enough to make me gasp. LOL!!!

Today's recipe is for Spumoni Biscotti from Recipe Gold Mine.

I won't make you wait. This was a definite YES, PLEASE! from everyone who ate them. :)

My sister and my mom, both, were pretty vocal about how much they enjoyed these. The cherries, even though you pat them dry, make this biscotti moister than most. So if you really enjoy that crunch, you won't QUITE get it with these, but they are good.

Spumoni is the classic Italian combination of pistachios and cherries. And that makes this cookie fit under the "Christmas cookie" classification. But I have the stuff to make another batch, whenever Mom feels like she needs a special treat. ;)

I drizzled white chocolate over the tops of these, to decorate them up a bit. Mom feels better about eating them if there's no topping on them. And these honestly didn't need the added flavor. Although I'm not saying white chocolate ever HURTS the taste of a cookie... :D

OK, I'm outta here! Have a WONDERFUL day! Stay warm, and be BLESSED!

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