Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lemon Lover's Cookies

It's WEDNESDAY! :D Are you having a good week?

Today's review is for another Taste of Home recipe, this time for Lemon Lover's Cookies.

Yes, they're very, very lemony. And if that were all that was required of a good cookie recipe, then I'd give this one a different review! :D I'm saying NO, THANK YOU to these cookies.

Why? Because they broke if you looked at them the wrong way! They shattered coming off the cookie sheet; they crumpled when you moved them - and heaven forbid you should try to pick one up to frost it!

No, the taste was good, but it wasn't worth the frustration and waste. I broke about a fifth of the number of cookies I made. Yes, it was that bad! (Can you tell I was frustrated? I made these for my cookie exchange on the 21st of last month, and it's still irking me. LOL!)

OK, I'm outta here! Have a WONDERFUL day, and let me know if you're trying something new! Be BLESSED!

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