Monday, January 7, 2013

Eggs Benedict Casserole

Good Monday Morning!

Did you have a good weekend? GOODNESS, yesterday was BUSY. I was wiped OUT when we finally got home, but I persevered and put this casserole in the fridge for today's breakfast.

And I'm glad I did. It's a definite YES, PLEASE!

It's Eggs Benedict Casserole, once again from the TASTE OF HOME website.

 I cut the recipe in half, and cooked it in a 7"x11" casserole dish; even if Mom and Dad decided to join us, that was six servings and plenty for us. Mom took a taste, but they decided to stick with their regular healthy breakfast. :D

Although, for me, this is about as healthy as it is good! One serving, according to the website's nutritional information, has only 16 grams of carbs - half of my maximum for breakfast! Hooray! :D

Putting the casserole together the night before makes this an easy, elegant breakfast - Kenn stirred the Hollandaise for me, so I didn't have to do everything. Add some fresh fruit, and this is a wonderful guest breakfast! I think it'll get served in Oregon if we have guests. :D

When I asked Kenn if he wanted me to freeze the rest - which it would, beautifully! - or leave it out, he said it was good and he'd eat some more tomorrow morning. :D It's definitely a winner! Hooray!!!!!

OK, I'm outta here. :D We're putting away Christmas stuff today, and I really, REALLY need to stamp. :D Have a WONDERFUL day! Be BLESSED!

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