Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bacon and Spinach Quiche

Welcome to yet another Wednesday! Brrrrrrr. Will this be the last dip into freezing weather for Middle Tennessee? I don't know - but it's been a long, sustained winter for many people. Everywhere I go, people are talking about how ready they are for spring. And they mean it - they usually only have about a few days, people say it as soon as it drops below 40, and then it's warm again and many people love it. YUCK. :D


There's nothing like a good breakfast. Although I hate eating early in the morning. And by the time I'm hungry, it's usually too late for me to cook anything. :D I planned, this time, and had everything I needed. When I asked Kenn if he'd like breakfast, he eagerly agreed. So, I made this Bacon and Spinach Quiche from Mr.

This definitely gets a YES, PLEASE. I used a store-bought crust. If I had to make the crust and roll it out for breakfast, I'm not sure I'd ever do it!!! :D I'm not sure I used heavy cream; I think I used half-and-half. (I did this one about a month ago, and my memory's not what it used to be! :D ) Other than that, I did exactly what the recipe said to.

YUM. Healthy, for the most part - especially since I didn't use heavy cream :D - with fresh spinach. Warm, and Kenn LOVED it. So did another family member who came to visit! :)

OK. I'm outta here. It's an incredibly busy week - but such a great one! I'm getting to spend time with friends this week. I'm gonna be all tired out, but it will be a GOOD tired. :D

Have a wonderful day, friends! Be BLESSED!

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