Friday, February 7, 2014

Chocolate Cake Donuts

HAPPY FRIDAY! Have you had a good week? Have you got plans for your weekend? Or are you going to REST? :)

Today's recipe review is of these Chocolate Cake Donuts from Mandy's Recipe Box. :) The one I won the organic coconut sugar from, remember?

This recipe was a definite YES, PLEASE! I loved the fact it was healthier than most recipes, using the organic coconut sugar, being baked, and so little fat in the whole thing!

I received a donut pan for Christmas, which was such a great thing! (It was on my wish list. :D ) These were the first donuts I'd made in it.

I don't keep much frosting around in the house; I really don't like most premade frostings anymore. They taste all chemically to me. But for this one, I did have a can of coconut pecan frosting in the closet - and German chocolate cake is one of Kenn's favorites. So I put about half a tablespoon of frosting on half of them, and spread it thinly. The donuts were a tiny bit dry without anything, and that amount of frosting was perfect for us!

Kenn said they were "VERY TASTY!!!" :D I love it when he actually says something like that; he's not too descriptive when it comes to food. :D

I hope you'll get a chance to try these. I think you'll enjoy how easy they are, how quickly they come together, and how tasty they are without causing too much guilt. :D

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Be BLESSED!

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