Friday, October 11, 2013

Artichoke Bread

Happy Friday! Have you had a good week?? Got big plans for the weekend? We're out of town, hopefully getting some rest. :) (As I'm writing this, we're leaving in the morning, and I'm really excited! :D)

Today's review is this Artichoke Bread from Closet Cooking.

I won't make you wait. This is a YES, PLEASE! Ohhhhh, is it good. Like artichoke dip? You will enjoy this. So cheesy, and on bread - yum. We didn't have French bread, we had a baguette. But oh, MY. I took out the middle part of the bread, like the recipe says, to give the spread a place to live. If I hadn't been so hungry, I probably would have let this bake just a little longer, so the cheese would get a bit more browned and bubbly. Oh, I'm making myself hungry. LOL!

This would be wonderful for serving on game day. It is rich, so you don't need to cut huge pieces. I don't know how well it would heat up... Just sayin'. :D

Have a wonderful weekend!! Be BLESSED! And try something new - then tell me about it! :D

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