Friday, May 31, 2013

Easy Cannoli Cups

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!! Today's my last day here at the blog for a bit; I fly out with the sunrise on Monday. I may try to get a few posts up for you for next week, but I simply can't promise anything - I'm gonna be BUSY. :D

Today's recipe is for Easy Cannoli Cups from gimme some oven.

I made these to take for that funeral meal I mentioned in the garlic French bread post; I figured they would be easy to transport and put on a buffet table. And they were! :)

I'm gonna give these a YES, PLEASE! If you don't like really sweet desserts, these fit the bill. There's not a lot of confectioner's sugar in the filling, and those are wanton wrappers. To be honest, I *might* bump the confectioner's sugar a bit the next time - but the mini chips on top are a must-have. They're the perfect tiny touch of chocolate! And, although I thought about doubling the recipe, one package of wonton wrappers made LOTS of cups, so I didn't need to double the thing at all - I have a half-batch of filling in the freezer for another time. :D And you can use those cups for LOTS of different fillings, too.

OK, I'm outta here! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! BE BLESSED!

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