Monday, September 22, 2014

Hash Brown Waffles

Welcome to Monday! :)

So, I got a chance to make brunch for Kenn and me a few weeks ago; this is one of the things I made - Hash Brown Waffles from Tea & Cookies. (For those of you who don't come to the blog often, just click on the name of the blog, and it will open another window with the blog directly to the recipe!)

Now, I used Simply Potatoes instead of taking the time to do my own. I didn't add the onion, but added onion powder. I should have taken the time to done some onion, but the flavor was OK with the powder. :)

The biggest PRO about this recipe? Not having to babysit them on the cooking surface. I always seem to have twenty things that need my attention at the same time, and doing the hash browns this way was SO much easier. Then, there's the fact that you could add just about anything you wanted in the waffle iron, too. So super easy to do!

The con? I like having a crispy outside and a tender inside, but these were mostly crispy. I tried adding more potatoes, but it just squished them flatter. :) It was quite a conversation-starter, though! :D

OK, friend. Thank you for coming to the blog today! Let me know what you're trying new, or what you're best find is from recent memory. :D Have a wonderful day - be BLESSED!

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