Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review: Private Selection Items

Hi! Surprise, I'm here a bit early! :D But I wanted to write a review of some things that I received coupons for - some for free, some for money off. And those are Private Selection products, available only at Kroger's.

I've done a smaller Buzz Campaign for Private Selection before, so I knew to expect good quality products. But I was very disappointed; my Kroger's doesn't have a lot of the things available that I received coupons for. The things it DID have, however, did not dissapoint!

First, the beef. Goodness, is it GOOD beef. Tender, juicy, and nicely portioned - we can't afford a lot of high-priced meat, so eating a half an excellent steak is plenty! All I do is use sea salt, freshly-ground pepper, and a hint of garlic powder. Yum!

The other things I was able to get were the Strawberry Preserves, the panko breadcrumbs, and the maple syrup. Kenn LOVES strawberry preserves, and these are very good. Not too sweet, nice strawberry flavor - a real treat.

I haven't used the panko yet, because we don't use breadcrumbs too often - but their texture is really promising. And because of my diabetes, I don't use maple syrup, so I gave this to Dad. (Kenn likes Mrs. Buttersworth. LOL!!) It's a beautiful syrup, amber and thick. Dad loves it. :)

I did pick up a couple of other things from the Private Selection line today that weren't covered in the coupons - they were on sale, and I really do enjoy trying new things. I do know I already like their flatbread pizza, so I got their Margherita pizza to try. Also, I got their butternut squash ravioli to try later. I'm thinking a simple browned butter sauce will be beautiful with them! :D

Overall, I definitely give Private Selection a YES, PLEASE! They are a bit more expensive than things I normally purchase, but they are more unusual and tasty than a lot of those others, too. :) I'd love to know if you try them!

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