Thursday, February 14, 2013

GIVEAWAY!!!! Biscoff Spread


Because those few of you who actually READ this blog  allow me to justify my passion for trying new stuff, I want to give away a jar of this Biscoff Spread to SIX of you! (That MIGHT be every single one of you!!! :D )

To be entered to win, simply leave me a comment on this post. Tell me what recipe or review you thought most interesting and why. It's that easy. :) (If you're long-distance, I will do my best to get this to you quickly!) We'll pick a winner on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20. Please enter by NOON! :)

I won a 8-pack case of this from the company, so I'm sharing the love. :) We opened one, so I could let you know a bit about it. If you've seen Biscoff in the stores, you might have wondered about it. Or, you might have tried it - I first had a Biscoff cookie on an airplane. Biscoff cookies played a key role in this recipe I reviewed toward the end of the year. This spread tastes just like the cookies, except creamy! My mom said it tastes like gingerbread. :) It kind of does - the cookies are a type of spice cookie. The product is from Belgium. And the spread bills itself as "a delicious alternative to peanut butter" - but it's much sweeter, in my opinion. You have to try this stuff to understand how difficult it is to describe! LOL

Don't you want to try it? Don't you want to win? :D 

OK, I'm outta here. We're having a nice dinner with my parents tonight; I'm making dessert, which you KNOW means it'll get a review next week. :D Enjoy your day!!!!


  1. I would love to win some Biscoff! Thanks for offering the giveaway. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Today is the first time I'm seeing your blog - I'm putting it in my 'reader' list! We don't see any Biscoff products in our grocery stores, but i've heard it's wonderful - would love to try some out. BTW, your recipe review of Pumpkin Cheesecake Trifles looks scrumptios!

    1. Barb Stencel
      120 Midway Ln
      Vernon Hills, IL 60061

  3. I really enjoy your Blog and have tried several recipes. The Oreo Truffles were not only a hit here at home but also with my kids after school program on Valentines Day. Jessica has requested that I make them for her to take to school for her birthday instead of mini cupcakes. I would love to win some Biscoff.

    1. Debbie Densmore
      196 Monarch Hill Rd
      Tunbridge, Vermont 05077