Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crumb Donuts

Good Wednesday Morning! I hope you're enjoying your week - the weather here is pretty finally. ;) I hope you East-Coasters are able to start digging out!

Today's recipe is for crumb donuts from Dessert for Two.

First of all, I didn't tweak a thing. :) Unless it was spices - I tend to put more spice in than is called for. But that's not really a tweak, right? More of a personal preference? :D

I really didn't feel like there was enough batter for six donuts. I made it fit six, because that's what the recipe said to do, but they were so skinny! I'm not sure if I would double the batter, or fill less spaces in my pan, but they needed more.

There was also a TON of the glaze left. I mean...! I didn't want to glaze the whole donut, and that wasn't the plan for the recipe, either - it's more like glue to hold on the crumb topping.

Tastewise, these were pretty plain. I'm going to hold on to the recipe, and if I ever go back and do them again, I'll probably tweak it out of the park. LOL! So you decide: is that a NO, THANK YOU or a YES, PLEASE review?!? :D

Have a wonderful day! Be BLESSED!!!

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