Friday, April 11, 2014

Baked Eggs

Happy Friday! :) I hope you've had a good week!

Today's recipe is Baked Eggs from UseRealButter. :)

I'm thinking of this for future use as more of a how-to. I really want to experiment with the type of dish, and see if I can't get the egg to cook a little more uniformly. Some of you may not be aware that I have a "thing" with crunchy or browned eggs - I just don't like it. It may be a texture thing; I have lots of issues with textures. :D But this recipe left the outer part of the white crunchy - you could hear it when you put your spoon in!

Overall, it was tasty - what's not to like? :) And I like the fact that you could make one or a dozen in about the same time; it would just take more prep time.

So relax this weekend, and maybe make yourself a lazy breakfast. Or come make it for me - I wish I could have breakfast delivered by the universe, so I wouldn't have to do anything until I come fully awake. (Usually sometime in the afternoon... :D )

OK, I'm outta here! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Be BLESSED!

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