Friday, September 28, 2012

Marshmallow Fluff

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good morning! :D Have you got plans to try anything new this weekend? Bungee jumping? (You'll have to write your own review for that one; I can't handle even thinking about it! :D )

Anyway. :D Today's recipe is for marshmallow fluff from Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice

I'm not too sure what I think about this recipe! If you've ever made divinity, and tried to do it on a humid day - that's how my fluff turned out. It TASTES good, but it's not really FLUFFY. It's kind of dense, actually. I've got a comment in at the website to see what she thinks I might have done wrong. Until I figure it out, I'm going to give it a MEH. Even though I can control the ingredients, I'm not sure the product I came up with is worth the time and money I put into it. I'm still thinking about that. :D

On the other hand, it worked BEAUTIFULLY for what I made it for: an ingredient for Monday's post! :D You have to store the fluff in the fridge, which makes it very unwieldy. But that made it easy to spoon into what I made. :D

Now you HAVE to come back Monday, to see what I was up to. :D

Have a WONDERFUL weekend. Enjoy your time - whether you're spending time with loved ones, or getting a chance for some down time, or doing something fun - or even if you've got to do something you didn't really want to do. :D And find a moment to try something new! BE BLESSED!

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