Thursday, September 15, 2016

Book Review: WHEN TRAGEDY STRIKES by Laura Diehl

Good afternoon! Today, I want to share my thoughts on this book, WHEN TRAGEDY STRIKES - about how to find a way to continue living when your child dies.

I volunteered to be on the launch team because of losing my nephew 4 years ago; I was looking for something that would help my sister, maybe - or would have when it happened - or some of the people I['ve met along my journey who also have lost someone.

Many of the launch team members struggled to read the book - no matter where you are in your grieving, there are things that can trigger sadness and tears. And I admit, there was a bit of that with this book. Add to that the cataract surgery and learning to basically read again, and it took me a LOT longer to read this book than it should have.

With that being said, I have purchased several copies of this book already to share with others. I did give it to my sister, as part of her "toolbox" - I think this is a resource that can be turned back to time and again, because of being able to "hear" more when you're in different places in your grief. I warned her that there might be a few triggers for her, and she set it aside. If she reads it or not, at least I know she has it.

I do recommend it for people who have lost someone they love, especially a child (adult or otherwise). I'm giving a copy to a new friend who lost her adult daughter at Christmas; her grief is still very raw, and I'm praying Laura's book will help her not feel so alone, and help her search for her peace.

Life is difficult; I firmly believe we walk through things not only to learn our own lessons and be refined by Him, but also to be able to walk through them with others. And this book is one way I wish no one ever had to share - but it is a comfort to know it's there to give HOPE.

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