Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Good evening, friends! :)

I told you I had another book to launch today, and here it is.

Dr. Henry Cloud is a prolific author; he's got over twenty titles to his credit. THE POWER OF THE OTHER is an interesting addition to his bibliography.

I'm not going to say this book is for everyone. There's pertinent information for everyone, but in my opinion, there's a lot to filter through. When I was teaching leadership development MANY years ago, I definitely would have used this book as a tool. If you're looking on information on how other people can connect with you for mutual support and stretching, it's definitely a resource I'd recommend.

There's just something nagging me in the back of my brain, and I can't quite figure out what it is. Dr. Cloud is a follower of Christ, and mentions it a couple of times in this book. Maybe what's missing for me is the completeness that would come from having that factor in with the power others have in our lives. Maybe my brain thinks he's writing to such a broad audience it's too simplified. I don't know. :D

I do know I'm glad I read this book. The last few chapters I found more helpful, and will refer back to them as touchstones of guidance for growth in my life.

f you think of me in the next few days, I'm having cataract surgery Wednesday morning. I won't be online too much for a couple of days; just pray if God brings me to mind. :) Have a wonderful day, friend - BE BLESSED!!!!

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