Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Good morning, friends!!!!! This is an easy book recommendation - YOU NEED IT. :) I've ordered a hard copy to have to loan, and ordered another copy to be sent to a friend. Yes, it's that important of a book.

Alexandra is a busy, BUSY mom. But don't let that stop you from reading her book! :) Even if you've NEVER been a mom, you'll get something from this one - I was convicted several times, and it's already changed my thinking about some things I do or don't do.

For instance, last week I had told Kenn that I might go to a movie by myself while he worked. When I woke up the next morning, I just wasn't feelin' the whole going-out thing - but got a SHOCK when he walked into our room! He was supposed to be gone (in my mind)! :D He'd decided to change his schedule so he had most of the day off, so he could go to the movies with his wife. I told him I'd talked myself out of it, so he wandered away to go back to working on files on his computer. The more I woke up and thought about it - and this book that I was reading for a launch team! - the more I thought, "He made time to spend with me. I need to encourage that, and go for it!" So we DID go out, and had a wonderful day together that wouldn't have happened if he hadn't changed his schedule and I hadn't changed my thinking. :)

This is a very readable book. I really like Alexandra's writing style - I feel like she's sitting on the sun porch with me, just sharing her life. And each chapter (you can read the synopsis HERE!) she ends with "What I Learned" and "Practices I'll Continue", and then "Questions for Reflection", for you to answer. I *really* appreciate life application steps! :D

 It's not "Do what ONLY you can do," it's "Do what only YOU can do!" Such a great way of giving yourself a guideline for priorities in this society where EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is demanding your attention, your energy, your money, your time...!!!

This quote also speaks volumes to me. I don't know about you, but I find myself (if I'm not careful!) doing things because I feel like I SHOULD, not doing them because my heart has the right attitude...

So. Go to the book's link on Amazon, and ORDER YOURS. It started out today, launch day, at #1 bestseller on the Christian Personal Growth list! I'm not the only one who's HIGHLY recommending it. Get on the waiting list, people - or find another bookseller who has it in stock! :D

I'll have another launch team post later today. Have a WONDERFUL day, and be BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So great!!! Thank you for this. And nice to hear it resonated with you. Here's to movies with husbands!

  2. There really are so many quotable lines from this book that keep returning to my mind! Thanks for sharing your simple but meaningful story of how they made a difference for you!