Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Book Review: BREAKNG BUSY: How to Find Peace & Purpose in a World of Crazy

Happy Release Day! :) Today's the day that BREAKING BUSY: HOW TO FIND PEACE & PURPOSE IN A WORLD OF CRAZY officially hits the bookshelves. I was blessed enough to be on the launch team, which means I received an advanced copy and got to read it before most of the rest of the world. :D

Alli Worthington has written a book that I will consider a RESOURCE more than a "good read"; it IS that, but it's so much more. Right now, I'm NOT in a season of BUSY very often - there are waves, like everyone has, but nothing like it has been.

Alli's book has so much useful information, however, that I still felt she was trying to help ME, individually, and not just the busy mommas and other twenty-and thirty-somethings. Each chapter of BREAKING BUSY ends with a section of "Action Steps", asking yourself questions and actually taking steps to help yourself with each section. There is even a link to her website, where you can find more information on the chapter's information.

The chapter on communication was my favorite. As an interpersonal communications person, it was refreshing to see someone break down interactions to some of the simplest components - allowing us to identify ourselves easily, and giving suggestions to overcome challenges each of us might have in communicating with others.

You might be in that BUSY season of your life, and thinking of adding another something to your plate is laughable - but I highly recommend you read Alli's book, BREAKING BUSY. It's broken into manageable segments, so you don't have to read a LOT to find something to chew on. And it's an easy read, interspersed with examples from her life that will have you laughing - and identifying, in my case... :D

This book is a YES, PLEASE! Do yourself a favor - click on the name of the book anywhere in this post, and pick up your copy today!

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