Friday, July 11, 2014

Banana Split Kabobs

Happy Friday!

Are you enjoying your summer? How on earth did we get to the middle of July, people?!? This year is FLYING by.

Today's share is quick, easy, takes no heating of your oven unless you want it to, and is a YES, PLEASE! with any age group. :)

This is Banana Split Kabobs from Lemon Tree Dwelling.

(BTW, if you're relatively new here, just click on the link above to go right to whatever I'm sharing!)

Now, the only thing I changed was that I also picked up a sour cream angel food cake and made some kabobs with that rather than the brownies. I looked at purchasing fresh precut pineapple, but whole ones were on sale - and right now, they're only 00 cents at Aldi's! - so I cut my own pineapple up.

They were fun, they were pretty, they were yummy, and they were a hit. :D What more can one ask for?!?

OK, I'm outta here! :) Have a wonderful day, and a wonderful weekend, and try something new! Be blessed, friend!

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