Monday, December 30, 2013

Manicure Monday!!!

Good Monday Morning! I see that no one knew I posted last week - zero hits. <sigh> Well, I'll have to try to be more steady - but one thing about my life is that it's never dull. :D

So anyway. I really loved this one, although I'm looking forward to getting a few new brushes that will hopefully let me control those lines a bit better. I'm  SO bad with straight ANYTHING!!! This is my pin; if you click on that link, it will take you to 23 different tutorials, and I didn't want you to think you were in the wrong place. :)

What do you think?

OK, I'm outta here!!!! The next post will be in 2014. How surreal is that?!?! Thank you for reading! Be BLESSED today!!!!

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