Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Recpe Review - Broccoli Ham Quiche

Happy Wednesday! :)

This week's recipe is for Broccoli Ham Quiche from Shugary Sweets.

This is DEFINITELY a YES, PLEASE! So much so that I used the basic recipe twice in less than a week! :)

I made this for a stamping get-together. It was so good! I didn't do the individual ones, because I didn't want to mess with putting several things in the oven in the morning. I mean, I do well to mix something up in the morning! :D

I put the liquids together the night before, and the vegetables and meat chopped and in a bowl all ready to mix in. I did the whole thing in a 9" square dish.

Savory, with a little sweetness from the ham - and with the crunch of the puff pastry and the bite of the cheese - it was great! People went back for seconds! :D

Have a wonderful week, friends - be BLESSED!!!

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