Tuesday, August 18, 2015

FOT THE LOVE: FIghting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards

Hello, everyone! Thanks for coming over to my blog; I know I've been awful about posting for a very, very long time. But this one is worthy of dusting off the ol' keyboard.

You may remember that I was part of the re-launch for Jen Hatmaker's INTERRUPTED. I was blessed  enough to get attached to this launch team, and what an incredible experience it's been! Imagine, if you can, a group of almost 500 women - and four men, whom we've dubbed the #bandoffour - who have been transparent, open, funny, accepting, and loving each other online for 22 weeks. No disagreements, no judgements on each other, meeting each other face-to-face whenever possible

We've been able to experience first-hand what Jen's book is about: loving each other, granting grace to ourselves and each other, encouraging each other - because life is tough sometimes, as we all know.

This book. It can be life-changing, if you allow it - and, in my opinion, will give you a great place to start to figure out what Jesus is asking of you, personally. I would be laughing one paragraph, gasping for air from the strike of truth the next, and wiping the tears from my eyes the net.

Jen writes this book as if she's sitting on the porch with you over coffee. She's real, she's speaking truth, and she's walking through the same thing she's talking to you about. I so appreciate that!

All of us on the launch team have our favorite quotes. It's so hard to pick - the phrases, the words, are put together to strike to the the truth of the subjects she discusses.Some of my favorite word actually come from the introduction; so many people skip it, but I love that it reveals the author's purpose.  I'm not going to type out everything - I'd be writing out the whole thing. :D

I will write more next week about the book; if you've read it, I'd love to  hear your take-aways. But the official launch is TUESDAY, AUGUST 18 - TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go get your copy - it's available at almost any bookstore, and Target, even! :D

For more info on the book, go to http://forthelovebook.com The graphic is made by my friend, Brianna George.

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