Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Wow, what a whirlwind few days. I'm now in College Station for two weeks, taking care of my newest niece. Today is the day we're really getting to know each other; it's interesting, to say the least. :D She's just about 3-1/2 months old. Isn't she beautiful?

Today's not going to have a recipe or a review. I'm just going to show you an overview of the sweets table; I don't think I ever got a shot of the hot station. Trust me when I say there was enough food for an army - we officially had 114 sign in, but I'm pretty sure there were a few more people. :)

That's it for now; Naomi's not feeling well, so I'm on standby. She's fussing herself either awake or asleep; I'm not quite sure which. :)
Have a wonderful day!

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